The app that keeps workspaces clean and people safe.

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How does it work?

The cleanliness of workspaces, public areas and all other facilities has recently become one of the highest priorities. Visitors of offices, schools, public transport and any other vicinity demand transparency and clarity about the cleanliness of these environments.

Through QR technology mycleanworkspace provides both cleaning staff and visitors with an easy to use tool to register and monitor the cleaning of workspaces, public areas and all other facilities. This provides everyone visiting your facilities with real-time insight into the cleaning so they don’t have to worry about feeling safe and secure. And on top of that it’s free of charge!


Visitors can simply scan the QR code to check when the workspace was last cleaned. This way they can start their workday feeling safe!


After scanning a QR a link can be copied and shared to give anyone insight into the cleaning. After using a workspace, a visitor can register that it has been used.


After a workspace has been cleaned, the cleaner registers the cleaning and the visitor can give feedback to the cleaner.

How can it be used?


Tag all flexible and shared workspaces, meeting rooms, public areas and facilities, to provide all staff and visitors of a clean work environment.


Tag all your separate classrooms or even individual desks, public areas and facilities to ensure teachers and children of a safe environment.

Public transport

Tag all your buses, trams, trains and metros, so all staff and passengers feel safe about travelling for and to work.